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Back to Front - 12.07.2013, 14:10
Ciao Jacob and ALL!

We met Jacob at Thai Rock Pub in Rorbas in May 13, and we had a very great gig there! At that time we discussed to have gig with YOU for your Bikers Fest (yeah).

For whom is not knowing us, here under we put a short summary and some material to view. We are the Italian GARY MOORE tribute band and in addition we are offering the best or the hard rock coming from 70s/80s. We are ready to rock with you!!


Band info:

"Back To Front" is a project born from the willingness of four musicians coming from the suburbs of Turin with the goal to tribute the best of the 70s/80s hard rock, by playing songs from Deep Purple, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Jeff Healey, Thin Lizzy and Gary Moore. By Performing Gary Moore's songs, the band has found the natural artistical inspiration becoming the tribute band of this unbelievable guitar Legend, who rocked along the last 30 years in the international music scenes.

There are two aspects which are able to distinguish Back to Front: the first, is related to the offered playilist that, remaining close to the Irish guitarist, comprises songs from hard rock to rock blues till the ballads, resulting a pleasant listening at every ages and not only to the Fan of the Artist; the second is represented by the lineup which mirrors faithfully the one seen in the 1987 Wild Frontiers Tour and which allows the Band to copy the unique and emotional sound of that period.


Luca Borgia - Lead Guitar and Voice

Alex Benetti - Guitar, Vocals and Keyboards

Dario Scollo - Bass guitar

Gugliemo Fiorio – Drum


1. Over the hills and far away 2. Thunder rising 3. Perfect Strangers 4. Young Lust 5. Runaway 6. Hey stoopid 7. Never before 8. Girl from Lebanon 9. No one like you 10. The loner 11. Empty Rooms 12. Still got the blues 13. Burn 14. Smoke on the water 15. Stuck in the middle with you 16. Detroit Rock City 17. Panama 18. Military Man 19. Run for Cover 20. Out in the fields 21. The Boys are back in town

Back to Front Management

Recent Live:

1) Gary Moore tribute medley

2) BURN - Deep Purple


mail to:

Hoss Gurtner - 09.06.2013, 12:36
Geils Helferesse gsi .
Freue mich scho uf de 10.5 2014
Gruzz Hoss
Diabhall Group - 30.05.2013, 22:41
Thanks a lot for the great night we spent at your party and for your hospitality. We hope to see you soon for many beers togheter.
Diabhall Group
Carlo Steel Roses MC Ital - 15.05.2013, 11:51
Thanks to all Thors MC for great party and fantastyc welcome!!!! Hope to see you soon next time,on party or on the road. With respect,Carlo Steel Roses MC Italy
Möneli - 15.05.2013, 00:13
suuuper fäscht xsi.hammer music, hammer food. danke eui
glg Frau Köcke ;-)
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